Sleek Fleet solution to connect truck drivers with shippers

Sleek Fleet announced the official launch of its web- and mobile-enabled freight marketplace solution designed to directly connect owner operators with loads from shippers.

Sleek Fleet explained it maintains a database of verified drivers, with full driving histories, insurance information and more, and handles all transactions, paying drivers within four hours of proper paperwork submission.

“Initially beta tested in the Midwest, the marketplace continues to expand its network of verified, experienced independent drivers,” the company said. “The system is designed to ensure that there are no large carriers, brokers or under-qualified drivers as part of the Sleek Fleet network.”

Upon being verified, drivers can log in to the interface, choose from actual loads based on location and equipment, and submit bids. Drivers learn immediately if a bid was successful and are paid the exact bid amount, with no hidden fees or deductions, the company added. 

“Historically, the marketplace was not set up in a way that was conducive to having owner operators work directly with large shippers,” said Michael Nervick, CEO, Sleek Fleet. “Sleek Fleet is designed to be a transparent and turnkey solution, giving drivers direct access to shippers with available freight, up-to-date load information, and quick, competitive payments. By enabling this direct connection, shippers can tap into far greater capacity than they had previously.”

Shippers, who pay a flat percentage to cover the costs of the technology, administration and accounting, experience seamless integration without disruption to current processes. All updates and data flow into existing enterprise resource planning or transportation management systems.

“In addition to savings on the pure cost of transportation, shippers will also see benefits in terms of their bottom line,” said Oleg Yanchyk, chief information officer, Sleek Fleet. “Because they’re saving on the labor of finding a truck and getting a contract signed—with it all done automatically through the platform—shippers are going to be saving significant internal resources.”

Drivers can access the online registration form at, and shippers can begin the onboarding process at

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