Talk about a fit trucker

Formerly an owner-operator leased to Prime Inc. and now owner of driver-exercise firm Fitness Trucking, Siphiwe Baleka recently not only finished a grueling triathlon event, but helped transport 81 bicycles used by him and his competitors. Baleka, who finished eighth in the Men’s 40-44 division of the ITU San Diego Spring Triathlon, along with driver Mike Edwards delivered the race bikes from across the country.

“USA Triathlon contacted me about the possibility of carrying bikes in the back of a Prime trailer,” said Baleka. “It was a great opportunity for me to go to the only ITU World Triathlon race in the U.S.”

Inspired by his work at Prime, Baleka started Fitness Trucking, which provides drivers with a series of exercises on DVD that can be performed while on the road.

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