Trincon Group offering free webinar series

Transportation advisory and technology firm Trincon Group is offering a series of free webinars for transportation professionals.

The series, which will begin this month and run through July, include a series of interactive webinars focusing on actions fleet executives and owners can take right now to improve business results.

The program will highlight such issues as:

  • Overcoming Technology Overload
  • Managing Costs
  • Effective Pricing
  • Improving Asset Utilization
  • Driver Development and Retention
  • Improving Productivity Under HOS Rules
  • Optimizing Organizational Performance
  • Building Customer Relationships and Gaining Competitive Advantage
  • Creating a Successful Business Strategy

Recently, the American Transportation Research Institute released their 2013 report on “Critical Issues in the Trucking Industry.” It pointed to such broad industry issues as hours of service, CSA, the driver shortage, and the economy, and recommended strategies that industry organizations should take to combat these issues.

“While these issues [defined by the ATRI] certainly impact the industry as a whole, and their recommended actions are appropriate, there are a number of things individual company leaders can and should do right now that will provide immediate benefit and long-term business results regardless of the business climate or regulatory environment,” said Duff Swain, president of Trincon Group.

The free Trincon series will include white papers and live webinars and focus on tactics and solutions that can be employed today to address “real world” issues business leaders face every day.

The program will kick off Jan. 23, 2014 with a special webinar in Overcoming Technology Overload – Tactics for making sure you’re getting the return you want from your investment.

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