Trincon slates May 8 driver-shortage webinar

Trincon Group, a national transportation industry advisory and technology firm, will host an educational webinar on the truck driver shortage and what individual trucking firms can do to respond on May 8 at 11:00 am EST.

According to Trincon, the webinar will take an objective look at driver development and retention and suggest some new ideas and comprehensive solutions, such as:

  • Looking at drivers as “professionals” and as employees looking for a long-term career path
  • Implementing hiring and “on-boarding” procedures that encourage retention and longevity
  • Providing compensation that rewards skills, experience and tenure in addition to productivity
  • Fulfilling employee’s (drivers) need for defined expectations, recognition and consistent communication
  • Defining processes that hold drivers accountable

“Driver concerns have been with us for years, it is time for a new approach,” remarked Duff Swain, president of Trincon Group. “We need to step back, look at the problem differently and consider different solutions. 

“For years we tried throwing money at the problem, and at drivers, attempting the lure them to one company or another,” he continued. “The result: driver turnover still hovers around 100% and the shortage continues.”

Swain said the industry must “look more comprehensively at the problem, in particular the role individual carriers play in improving the image and reality of truck driving as a long term career.”

Click here for more infomation on this webinar as well as Trincon Group’s schedule of planned program events.

Trincon Group may be contacted directly at 614-442-0590.


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