Vegas band gets immersive at trucking awards show

Recycled Percussion — a band originally from New Hampshire that's now played its "junk rock" show on the Las Vegas Strip for several years — got just about everyone in the audience in on the music when the guys played after PeopleNet presented its 2015 Innovator of the Year awards.

Might be hard to get folks in suits and dresses to dance much after a dinner ceremony, but it turns out they'll readily beat a pair of drumsticks together. Audience members played along in sound-offs as the band played buckets, trash cans, ladders and themselves, ground metal and dove around the stage for the high-energy show.

Later, the band — playing a medley in tribute to classic rock — walked off the stage leading a procession of the audience to an after-party, where Recycled Percussion hung around and played a few encores. If the silence in the conference resort's halls the next morning was any indication, the show and party were quite a hit.



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