Verisk tapped to aid Texas DRMS pilot

Verisk tapped to aid Texas DRMS pilot

Data analytics provider Verisk Analytics is going to be participating in a pilot test of a new driver record monitoring service (DRMS) being launched in Texas this fall that will enable both employers and insurers to detect “adverse activity” such as a driver license status change or new moving violations.

Verisk said its iiX (insurance information exchange) division will be directly involved in the pilot project as it provides motor vehicle reports (MVRs) and pre-employment screening services.

“The addition of Texas as a driver-monitoring state is important to insurers, employers, and the general public,” noted Robby Hobbs, iiX’s GM.

“Texas is home to almost 15.5 million licensed drivers, representing 7% of all drivers in the U.S.,” he added. “This new program adds a huge pool of drivers that insurers and employers can hold accountable for unsafe driving, improving public and highway safety in Texas and beyond.”

Hobbs noted that for insurers, driver-monitoring programs help reduce risk by providing midterm warnings about serious motor vehicle violations or suspensions, while allowing employers to take “fast action” in accordance with company safety rules when adverse driving activity is identified.

“Both insurers and employers alike should welcome this added risk management tool, and we are anxious to provide the service,” he said. “The addition of Texas to our large inventory of driver-monitoring states further positions us as a leader in the underwriting and driver management space.”

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