Vigillo joins Geotab marketplace

Vigillo announced it is now a Geotab Solution Partner. Vigillo said its Athena Big Data platform will help Geotab customers identify drivers that exhibit at-risk behaviors in various types of vehicles at an earlier stage in the process than multiple systems and different platforms can currently provide.

“Using the power of the Athena platform to provide actionable business intelligence on safety, operations, vehicle maintenance and overall performance, combined with the multiple data channels provided by Geotab, will provide a Big Data solution within a single system,” said Steve Bryan, CEO of Vigillo. “The markets we will serve are not limited to heavy-duty trucks, but will also include medium- and light-duty fleets. Aligning with Vigillo as its premier CSA Scorecard provider will also give Geotab additional resources by enabling data sharing as part of its MyGeotab platform.”

Vigillo’s Athena Big Data platform is accessible within the Geotab Marketplace, a complement to the MyGeotab platform that provides customers with an ecosystem of business-focused applications, the company said. Vigillo said it will combine information from the Geotab telematics solution on drivers, such as over speed, rapid acceleration and rapid deceleration, out of route mileage, fuel consumption, and vehicle hour usage data, with current Athena data pipelines on weather conditions, crash statistics, enforcement areas, and other statistics.

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