Welcome to the new FleetOwner.com

Welcome to the new FleetOwner.com

If you're a regular visitor to FleetOwner.com, you've already noticed things are different. Welcome to the newest generation of trucking's premier news and information website, one with greatly expanded power that will let us continue to add new features like interactive tools and expand well-established ones like our video and news coverage of the important industry events and developments.

We launched our first website back in 1995, a temporary site dedicated to covering the news and new product introductions at a major truck show. In the following years, we created a site primarily dedicated to daily news coverage to complement the in-depth analysis of Fleet Owner Magazine. As the internet quickly changed the way you search for and consume information, we redesigned our online editorial platform to include a much broader range of content that still started with timely news coverage, but also spread to interactive events, multi media presentations and data.

Each time we created a new online platform, we were astonished and a bit in awe of its capabilities, its new opportunities to serve the trucking industry. But as innovative as those sites seemed, the technology as well as the needs and expections of you, the audience,  change quickly. So after months of planning and training, we are thrilled to bring you the fourth generation of FleetOwner.com.

I invite you to take a look around, to click and explore -- there's a lot here, and more importantly there's a lot more to come.  If you have any suggestions or comments, please tell us. And above all, keep an eye on FleetOwner.com as we strive to use this shiny new site to keep you ahead of all this change.

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