Women-owned businesses ID’d on Truckstop.com load board

Internet Truckstop, with the help from the Women In Trucking Assn., has launched a program that will designate women-owned businesses on the truckstop.com load board. The ability to identify these businesses is crucial for those companies trying to meet diversity goals, according to Leigh Foxall, Internet Truckstop director of freight matching.

“Internet Truckstop has introduced this service because more shippers and logistics companies have diversity expectations. Some are looking for ways to meet their own internal business goals to be socially responsible. Others have diversity requirements imposed on them from the government when they are working on publicly funded projects,” Foxall said. “This new program is a great tool for making diversity matches between women business owners and the companies seeking to work with them.”

“PepsiCo/Frito Lay are always looking for resources to help us meet our diversity goals,” according to Mark Rousseau, director of logistics and transportation at Frito Lay and a WIT board member. “The combination of the truckstop.com load board and WIT working together will help us quickly identify women-owned businesses to help us meet our diversity needs.”

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