Your July 7 Pre-Trip: Charges dropped against carrier in fatal GA crash

Here are five things worth knowing today:

1. Charges dropped against carrier involved in fatal Georgia crash

A Georgia district attorney announced he has dropped the criminal case against a trucking company charged in the interstate crash last year that killed five nursing students. According to a WALB News 10 report, D. A. Tom Durden agreed to waive an indictment charging Total Transportation of Mississippi with vehicular homicide and other crimes. Durden said the company is in turn spending $200,000 to establish a nonprofit organization that provides financial aid for nursing students.

2. Program trains truckers to report sex trafficking

Truckers, often called the “eyes and ears” of the nation’s highway system, are being called on by one group to join the fight against sex trafficking. Various trucking companies, drivers and law enforcement officials are working with Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) and are helping to reach nearly a quarter million drivers, KRCU reports. According to TAT, truckers’ calls to police have freed hundreds of trafficking victims. KRCU has more.

3. $25.3 million provided in trucking equipment loans

According to an ABL Advisor report, TAB Bank provided $25.3 million in trucking equipment loans to 195 transportation companies during the second quarter of 2016. Trucking entities range from one-truck owner operators to small and large fleets, according to the report.

4. Schneider acquires Missoula trucking company

Schneider Trucking has acquired Watkins and Shepard trucking, based in Missoula, MT, KPAX News 8 reports. Watkins specializes in “difficult to ship” goods including furniture and floor covering, according to the report. The company, which employs 1,300, has operated in Missoula since the early 1970s.

5. Steps to a more successful trucking operation

A new report from Integrity Factoring and Consulting has listed four steps for a more successful and profitable trucking business, according to Behind the Wheel. According to the report, the four steps are: Get creative to find new customers; A well run office means well run trucks; Load Boards: Staying ahead with enough work; and Eliminate cash flow problems. Behind the Wheel has more details.  

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