Your March 16 Pre-Trip: States explore pay-by-mile tax

Here are five things worth knowing today:

1. According to a King 5 report, Washington is among more than two dozen states considering a road usage, or pay-by-the-mile plan to pay for needed transportation projects. As the Highway Trust Fund and traditional gas tax funds continue to deplete, states are struggling to keep up with aging infrastructure. According to the report, in 2010, Washington was one of the early states considering a road usage charge as an alternative to the gas tax. King 5 has more.

2. Members of the Arkansas Trucking Association arrived in Washington, D.C., earlier this week to begin a round of meetings with legislators, Arkansas Online reports. At the top of their list is the 34-hour restart provision that will be eliminated if a mandated DOT study fails to show there are safety and other benefits. The association will be able to express its concerns about reverting to previous HOS guidelines. Arkansas Online has more.

3. EmpoweredNews breaks down a global industry analysis on the truck manufacturing market from 2015 to 2012, saying the market is increasing mostly due to growing population and increasing industrialization. However, according to the report, one of the key restraints for the global truck manufacturing market is “the unstable oil prices which is affecting the profitability of fleet owners.” In addition, poor road infrastructure in developing countries has been a challenge for the market.

4. Titan Transfer driver Greg Farris completed driving 2 million miles without a single preventable collision while with the company, the Times-Gazette reports. According to the report, Farris is the first driver in the company’s 16-year history to achieve this safety feat.

5. Oakridge Global Energy Solutions, a Florida-based li-ion battery maker, announced it confirmed a battery supply agreement with Freedom Trucking in Minnesota, Electrek reports. According to the report, Oakridge claims its battery-powered drivetrain will allow interstate trucks weighing 80,000 lbs. to travel more than 400 miles. Electrek has more.

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