Your May 7 Pre-trip: Goats beautify Washington roadways

Here are five things worth knowing today:

1. Labor groups are urging Congress to approve a temporary extension of federal transportation funding, which is set to expire May 31. According to The Hill, the proposed temporary extension would prevent an interruption in the federal government’s infrastructure spending.

2. A report debunking the “myth” that drivers pay their own way, covering road building and maintenance costs through gas taxes, was released by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group and the Frontier Group. has more on the report.

3. The Washington State Department of Transportation is putting a herd of goats to work along Highway 503. The goats were dispatched this week to control weeds at the state DOT storm water facility, according to The Columbian. The state plans to put the goats on weed control at about a dozen other locations this spring and summer.

4. Hate sitting in traffic? has information on five U.S. cities that are ideal for drivers who can’t stand traffic.

5. A private investment fund, Apax Partners, has acquired trucking company Quality Distribution for about $800 million, according to Trucking Info. The purchase price also includes assumption of the debt, or $16 per share, according to the report.

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