Your Nov. 18 Pre-trip: Wind blamed for truck crashes as officials warn drivers

Here are five things worth knowing today:

1. Wind is being blamed for the rollover of three tractor-trailers in El Paso last week and Texas officials are warning truck drivers to use commonsense before traveling over overpasses and other roads where high winds could put them at risk, reports KVIA ABC 7.                 

2. TruckTrend Network takes readers inside its Truck of the Year competition with an inside story of what tests the pickups were required to undergo and photos from the events.

3. Earlier this year, Ford rolled out a special Tonka Truck themed F-750 model. Now, Toyota is getting into the act, turning a 4-Runner into a super-sized Tonka Truck. Scout Gear has the story. To see pictures of Ford’s version, read Fleet Owner’s coverage, “Big trucks are big fun.”

4. Smarter transmissions are doing for work trucks what aerodynamic devices do for van trailers. Equipment World explains.

5. An Ann Arbor, MI, maker of aftermarket parts for trucks and SUVs is hoping to raise $240 million in an initial public stock offering this Friday, says Crain’s Detroit Business.

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