Your Oct. 31 Pre-Trip: Eight growth trends impacting trucking

Here are five things worth knowing today:

1. Eight growth trends impacting trucking

According to new research from Frost & Sullivan, keeping ahead of technological, demographical, environmental, and geopolitical shifts that alter the commercial truck market will be crucial for truck OEMs. “Evolving truck technology has moved well beyond basic telematics to integrate advanced traffic modeling, weather prediction, and social media analytics,” according to the report. The report continues on to say that by 2025, OEMs are expected to introduce level 3 autonomous trucks, which will be a key product differentiator for OEMs in the next 10-15 years. The research, Eight Transformational Trends Influencing the Global Trucking Industry’s Growth Trajectory, is part of Frost & Sullivan’s Transportation and Logistics Growth Partnership Service program.

2. Presidential candidates’ plans for infrastructure

Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, released new details about his infrastructure plans for the country late last week, according to a Marketplace report. Like Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, Trump’s plan to fix America’s roads and bridges includes a role for the private sector to pay for the trillions needed for repairs. The two candidates, however, have different strategies for how to include private companies in the efforts to address the $3.6 trillion needed in infrastructure funding. According to the report, Trump’s plan focuses on the private side almost exclusively and uses a mix of strategies, including large tax credits to private companies. While Clinton’s plan focuses more on infrastructure broadly and funds increases partly by raising taxes on the rich and corporations. Marketplace has more.

3. Port of Oakland cuts diesel emissions by 76%

The Port of Oakland announced that 2015 ended with an overall 76% decrease in diesel emissions compared to 2005, according to a KTVU report. Emissions from locomotives are down 89%, cargo handling machines are down 82%, and ships are down 75%, the report states. And because regulators required trucks to upgrade or replace their old rigs, port trucks emitted 98% less pollution than a decade ago. KTVU has more.

4. Major trucking companies cut fleet counts

Today’s Top Supply Chain and Logistics News from the Wall Street Journal reports that third-quarter earnings for major truckload carriers show several are slashing their fleet counts by hundreds of trucks “in the hopes of changing the imbalance between the supply of rigs on the road and tepid shipping demand.” According to the report, Swift Transportation, Werner Enterprises and Covenant Transportation Group say they have pulled a combined hundreds of trucks out of service since the second quarter. WSJ has more.

5. Mass Pike’s new electric tolling system

Under the Mass Pike’s new electric tolling system, which began Friday night, drivers no longer stop at toll booths in an effort to allow traffic to move more freely through the tolling points. According to the Boston Globe, officials report that the first day of the electronic tolling system went seemingly smooth; however, the real test will be during Monday’s rush hour commute. Under the new system, drivers who pass through a gantry without an E-ZPass will have a photograph taken of their license plate and have a bill sent to their address. Rates for drivers without an E-ZPass are slightly higher than those for E-ZPass holders.

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