Your Sept. 17 Pre-Trip: Truckers sue Georgia over gas tax

Here are five things worth knowing today:

1. The Georgia Motor Trucking Association, F&W Transportation and Prolan Logistics have filed a class-action lawsuit against the state of Georgia over the state’s new sales tax on gas. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the plaintiffs say it’s unconstitutional for cities or counties to use their gas tax proceeds for anything but infrastructure improvements. According to the report, the tax drivers pay on gasoline doesn’t have to be used just to repair roads. It can be used, as it has for many years, to help build a local school park or roll back property taxes, according to the Journal-Constitution. And the attorney who represents the trucking groups in the lawsuit says that violates the state Constitution.

2. The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada recently held an educational seminar on mental illness and how it affects the trucking industry. According to, the council collaborated with the trucking Human Resource Sector Council to “look into complex issues facing the trucking industry today.” Truck News has more.

3. A letter in this week’s Knoxville News Sentinel acknowledges National Truck Driver Appreciation Week and asks that Americans recognize the vital role the trucking industry plays in our everyday lives. According to the letter, in Tennessee, trucking provides more than 180,000 jobs in the state. It adds that last year, truck drivers hauled more than 9.96 billion tons of freight, or 68.8% of total U.S. freight tonnage.

4. According to the Ottawa Citizen, a thief (or thieves) who stole cash from the Chip Off The Block chip wagon on Pembroke Street took the time to hang around for a snack. According to police, remnants of crumbs were left in the chip wagon and drinks were stolen, too.

5. At least 85 have been pronounced dead after an oil tanker exploded in South Sudan, USA Today reports. According to the report, the truck, which was full of petrol, veered off the road. Residents were siphoning off leaking when someone lit a cigarette and sparked an explosion. USA Today has more.

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