Ease of Use in Researching Fleets

Ease of Use in Researching Fleets

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Learn the many ways Fleet Owner's FleetSeek can help you:

Ease of Use in Researching Fleets

Find Freight Carriers

Find Truckload Carriers

Find LTL Carriers

Find Fleets by Local, Regional, National Designation

Find Motor Carriers

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Find Owner Operators

Find Private Carriers

Find Truck Drivers

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Track Trucking Insurance

Track Constant Changes in the Trucking Industry

Information About Trucking Businesses


You can obtain information about trucking businesses in many ways, such as viewing company websites, reading annual reports, and speaking with people within the industry. None of these options, however, are as convenient and cost-effective as a single website that contains all the data you will ever need on thousands of trucking companies. Only an accurate directory compiled by an entire team of marketing professionals whose sole responsibility is updating and verifying trucking intelligence can serve as an ongoing resource for contact information and demographics within this evolving industry.

Here at FleetSeek, gathering, developing, and providing information about trucking companies is our business. We know from years of experience that any advertising plan geared towards trucking businesses will be far more costly than purchasing one or more of our FleetSeek products. Using FleetSeek, your sales and marketing will be highly targeted, saving you valuable time and money.

FleetSeek Is Head and Shoulders above the Competition


While we do have competitors, none of them are as dedicated to accuracy as we are. We not only research; we also verify by seeking second and third sources to make sure what we publish is correct. Plus, we make over 100,000 telephone calls annually to corroborate and update our listings. Other marketing companies that offer similar listings cut corners by rolling information over from year to year and updating entries only when older ones have been reported as incorrect. In contrast, we at FleetSeek strive for perfection.

When you reach out to a contact listed in one of our databases, the person listed is the decision-maker in that company. When you release a mass mailing, no more than three percent of your mail pieces will be returned. And these minute returns are simply a product of normal business volatility. We are so confident in the quality of our records that we offer our customers a full refund on third-class postage for any returned mail.

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