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US Trucking Companies


Business in the United States, and the entire world for that matter, is reliant on the trucking industry. Freight carriers are essential to just about every business sector, from agriculture to construction to finance and investing. Products, raw materials, and waste must be moved, and in most situations, trucking is the best option for transport. As a result, the U.S. trucking industry is as diverse as the broader economy it serves.

FleetSeek Helps Locate U.S. Trucking Companies


In order to target a specific audience within the trucking industry, marketers must have the ability to sort and filter through accurate databases of trucking companies. Say, for example, your business specializes securing hazardous waste products during transport. Hundreds of U.S. trucking companies may have a need for what you offer. The difficulty lies in locating these businesses. Using FleetSeek, a searchable online database, you would have the ability to filter out thousands of irrelevant freight carriers and view only trucking businesses that transport hazardous waste.

Other types of trucking businesses include those that ship agricultural commodities, paper products, and building materials. Because of the extensive array of demographic facts available on each carrier, there are dozens of other ways to segment the industry as well. Because FleetSeek creates and presents the segments to you in seconds, our database is useful to any supplier that sells to trucking businesses.

Using FleetSeek, you can download trucking data onto your computer to create targeted mailing lists, or to use as a calling list for salespeople. FleetSeek becomes an invaluable resource to all marketing and sales teams who subscribe to it. No other lists are as accurate, extensive, or user-friendly, which is why FleetSeek remains the premier source for up-to-date, accurate information on U.S. trucking companies.

Canadian Trucking Companies


Canada is home to 4,000 major trucking companies. Here at FleetSeek, we offer an accurate, extensive, and user-friendly database of every Canadian trucking company that has ten or more vehicles in its fleet. The information we provide on these companies can be extremely useful to any company that has a stake or interest in the Canadian trucking industry.

Using the FleetSeek Canadian Database


Our highly-accurate database can be viewed online and even downloaded to a PC after you invest in FleetSeek. One reason a FleetSeek subscription is so useful is that all of the information contained in our database can be sorted based on numerous criteria, including location, size of the fleet, company name, and myriad demographics. This is an amazing tool for your targeted marketing efforts.

In addition to being able to sort Canadian trucking companies, FleetSeek subscribers can also view detailed information on every trucking company within the database. When you want to identify which businesses can really use the products and services you offer, it can be very helpful to conduct market research before making contact. Say, for example, you want to send sales letters to all 4,000 companies. Rather than sending generic sales letters to all of them, you can use FleetSeek data to customize marketing efforts for a more personalized feel. You can also omit businesses that you have studied and determined to be outside your target market, saving considerable money on postage.

As you can see, you have no need to spend thousands of dollars conducting independent market research on Canadian trucking companies. We have already done the work for you. Our database is incredibly accurate, as we spend hundreds of hours each week making phone calls, double-checking our contact lists, and keeping up with the industry. By using the data we have collected, you can definitely be more effective in reaching your target audience than if you paid "big" dollars advertising in a trade publication, or just exhibited at trade shows.

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