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Managing a fast-paced shipping and logistics operation can be incredibly challenging, especially when sending goods throughout the United States and across borders. One of the most difficult aspects of logistics is choosing the appropriate freight carriers for different jobs. With tens of thousands of for-hire trucking companies in the United States, the trucking industry consists of a diverse group of businesses with varying specialties.

Using Different Freight Carriers for Various Jobs


A business that ships a mix of products to numerous locations should use multiple freight carriers. When choosing carriers, being selective leads to faster and cheaper delivery. A shipper can utilize a local freight carrier for shipments within 50 miles of the warehouse, a regional trucking company for shipments within a 300 mile radius, and national carriers for cross-country shipments. Since not all freight companies are experienced in passing through customs, many businesses will also hire different carriers for Canadian and Mexican deliveries.

Logistics managers often find it beneficial to have several viable options for each type of shipment they may have, especially local and regional shipments. Smaller freight carriers are usually open to haggling. By making a few phone calls rather than just one, shippers can often save a few hundred dollars. The first quote you receive is almost never the lowest. It is also wise to develop relationships with more carriers than you plan on using. Having an extensive list of contacts can be extremely useful whenever emergencies arise.

If you run a logistics department or frequently hire freight carriers for any purpose, FleetSeek can expand your contact list and provide extensive information on for-hire trucking companies. Our CD-ROM based Carrier Routing Directory with self-contained software is the perfect reference when you need to decide which carriers to call and hire. Whether you want to work with a contract-only carrier, or a business that operates on a per diem basis, this directory will make your job much simpler. Need a broader range of choices? Try FleetSeek's National Motor Carrier database, listing well over 50,000 for-hire trucking companies with demographics including company name, name and title of chief exec., address, phone, fax, web, equipment counts, trailer types, and much more.

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