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Learn the many ways Fleet Owner's FleetSeek can help you:

Ease of Use in Researching Fleets

Find Freight Carriers

Find Truckload Carriers

Find LTL Carriers

Find Fleets by Local, Regional, National Designation

Find Motor Carriers

Find Fleets by Country

Find Owner Operators

Find Private Carriers

Find Truck Drivers

Get Truck Marketing Info

Get Truck Mailing Lists

Track Trucking Insurance

Track Constant Changes in the Trucking Industry

Our Guarantee

We know lots of folks say their trucking data offers the best coverage, accuracy, price and value.

From painstaking experience, we also know that our precise intelligence on trucking firms, private corporate fleets (Frito-Lay, Toys R Us) and owner-operators is extremely difficult and costly to develop and maintain.

Thanks to our time-tested and respected database management techniques, we stand behind all our directories and databases, considering each incomparable.

So, here’s our simple, signed guarantee:

  • Purchase any of our current products. If you expected something different, give us a call within 15 days of purchase and we’ll refund your money. Refunds will not be issued to those who download, copy and paste, or otherwise “scrape” information from our databases.
  • You can use our current databases with confidence. Send your letters, brochures, catalogs, routing guides and flyers. We guarantee 100% of your mail – to 100,000 companies – will be delivered. We will refund the standard-rate-mail equivalent (currently 20.9 cents) on your returned mail. We’ll even pay the postage to get the returns to us. Simply mail within 12 months of your order to a current* FleetSeek file and furnish us with the returned envelopes or addressed materials. Please preview your material prior to mailing. FleetSeek will not refund postage for improperly formatted addresses or labels.
  • For the hard-to-reach owner-operators, our reimbursement rate for returned mail is 10.5 cents per address for mailings from a current* version of the Owner-Operator Database. Please preview your material prior to mailing. FleetSeek will not refund postage for improperly formatted addresses or labels.

For over two decades, FleetSeek has been committed to legendary customer service and satisfaction. Yes, we want your business. More important, we will earn your confidence.

Ron Roth, Managing Director

500 Lafayette Blvd. #230
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
PHONE (888)-665-9887·FAX (540) 899-5768

* A current FleetSeek file is one that has been downloaded within 15 calendar days of the mailing. The “beauty” of FleetSeek is that the database files are constantly updated, and the address of certain companies or owner-operators may have changed between the time you became a subscriber and when you planned a mailing. Downloading a current file gets you those new, updated addresses. To obtain refunds, please include a copy of the original downloaded file used for the mailing in question, along with the returned, addressed material.

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