Truckers Medical Needs

Help truckers
with unique insurance needs.

FleetSeek connects you to 4.3 million drivers through 200,000+ trucking operations.
You choose the demographics, FleetSeek delivers the leads.

FleetSeek can help your company reach truck drivers with unique insurance needs. The services you offer can make highway travel safer for all concerned.

We administer a database of 200,000+ trucking operations that use more than
4.3 million truck drivers. FleetSeek is online with many variables for each company by which to search and sort.

Contact us today to test drive FleetSeek.
Call 1-888-665-9887 or email [email protected]

How FleetSeek can help you:

  • Subscribe to one or more of our databases of trucking operations, each updated regularly to remain the most accurate and thorough collection of trucking data available today. You will be able to create lists of companies or drivers on demand to meet virtually any marketing need.

  • Our trucking industry experts will help you determine what demographic needs best target your immediate goal. We’ll give you a test ride to demonstrate FleetSeek’s ease of use and power of results.

  • Many major companies use FleetSeek data in market research and outreach. Customers include:

- Federal Sleep Institute
- Capitol Group
- SkyBitz
- IdleFree Systems

- The Hartford Group
- GE Commercial
- Innovative Health Ins.
- Wells Fargo Insurance

- PeopleNet Communications
- ALK Technologies
- Sprint
- AT&T

Contact us today to test drive FleetSeek.
Call 1-888-665-9887 or email [email protected]

Health Issues
for Drivers

Sleep apnea

Back problems

Nutrition & diet

Podiatry issues

Circulation disorders

Mental health & counseling services:
• stress
• anger Management
• depression
• anxiety, etc.

Substance abuse

Medical / dental emergencies while on the road

Help truckers with these and other medical/health issues and keep the wheels of our economy turning!

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