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Local Trucking Companies



Trucking companies can be classified as national, regional, or local carriers. Local trucking companies are usually willing to transport freight up to 100 miles, but not much farther. They often have very few trucks, but there are local carriers that have a few dozen vehicles in their fleets. These companies account for over 60 percent of all trucking businesses in the United States.

Local Trucking Companies Present Opportunies



Any trucking supplier who ignores local carriers due to their size would be making an expensive mistake. Perhaps even more importantly to salespeople, the owner of a small local business is often much easier to reach than the CEO of a major corporation. In fact, the main contact at a local company may very well be the owner, making it simpler to reach the person who ultimately makes purchasing decisions on behalf of the company.

The one difficulty of selling to local companies is keeping up with the industry. Mergers, acquisitions and shut-downs are constantly occurring in this business, and new companies emerge each year. After all, trucking businesses are directly tied to the industry base they serve and the economy as a whole.

Here at FleetSeek, we stay on top of the local trucking industry so that you don't have to. Using FleetSeek, you will have access to accurate and current contact information on trucking companies with two or more trucks throughout the United States and Canada. If your business is committed to sales, you will find no better source of leads than among the 200,000 trucking operations available through FleetSeek.

National Trucking Companies



National trucking companies will transport freight anywhere within the 48 contiguous states. Typical time in transit for a truckload leaving New York and arriving in Los Angeles is between five and seven business days. In order for any trucking business to operate at the national level and remain efficient, it must have several hubs in nearly every state and possess an expansive fleet.

National Trucking Companies Represent Lucrative Commissions



Because of their sheer size, national trucking companies are definitely the most sought-after clients among suppliers to the trucking industry. Close a deal with a thousand-truck fleet, and you experience the same gain in revenue as you would by selling to a hundred smaller businesses. Whether you sell tires, insurance, two-way radios, or anything else pertinent to the trucking industry, closing a deal with a national carrier can be the difference between failure and success.

The main obstacle salespeople must overcome when attempting to land these major clients is reaching the people who make final decisions. Frontline supervisors at these companies can listen to what a salesperson has to say, but they act more as screens than decision makers. Making appointments with senior management can be extremely difficult.

We offer several databases, powered by FleetSeek, that can put you in touch with the most important people at these large corporations. Every major national trucking company is found in the National Motor Carrier Directory's database of over 50,000 for-hire carriers. Likewise, each significant private truck fleet (like Wal-Mart, Frito-Lay and Coca-Cola) is contained in the Private Fleet Directory database. No other trucking marketing company works as diligently as we do at keeping abreast of industry changes. Subscribe to one or more of our FleetSeek products, log into FleetSeek and view current contact information on the most influential executives in the industry.

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