Track Constant Changes in the Trucking Industry

Track Constant Changes in the Trucking Industry

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Track Constant Changes in the Trucking Industry

Trucking Industry


Occasionally, a salesperson dials a phone number from his personal contact list, one that he has not called in a few months, expecting to speak with the person listed. He discovers that the owner has sold the company, moved, or merged with another business and the headquarters has been relocated. As a result, he has one fewer sales lead--and some wasted time.

The Trucking Industry is Constantly Changing


This scenario occurs in every business sector, but it is especially commonplace in the trucking industry. Lose contact with a particular business or individual for a few months, and the next time you call, someone new may be in charge, or the business may have moved someplace else. If only one or two changes occurred each year, the inconvenience to suppliers would be minimal. But in each region, hundreds of phone numbers and addresses are different from one year to the next. Nationally, thousands of changes occur annually.

Change within the industry is not necessarily a bad thing. Mergers and acquisitions, movement among existing companies, and the emergence of new businesses all present opportunities to vendors selling to trucking companies. Change only leads to sales, however, if your business is prepared to embrace these changes and has the appropriate contact information at hand.

At FleetSeek, we maintain an accurate and up-to-date database of contacts and demographics within the trucking industry. Using one or more of our FleetSeek products, you will never fall behind the industry or struggle to reach important contacts ever again. When changes occur, they will be reflected in our web-based directory. This will help your business operate more efficiently and open doors of opportunity that would otherwise be closed.

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