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Track Trucking Insurance

Track Trucking Insurance

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Trucking Insurance


Every trucking fleet needs insurance, so the question is not whether a particular trucking business will purchase insurance, but rather what it will buy, from whom, and at what limits. Offering similar coverage at relatively equitable prices, insurance companies must have diligent marketing and sales teams in order to locate potential customers and then close sales before the competition does. Here at FleetSeek, we take care of the most difficult and time-consuming aspect of marketing in the trucking industry, which is research.

FleetSeek Provides Marketing Intelligence to Insurers


Using our FleetSeek products, insurance companies have access to vital intelligence within the trucking industry that can significantly improve the efficiency of any sales team. If you are an insurance provider, FleetSeek supplies policy effective dates for cargo & BI/PD, as well as bond, for mere pennies a contact. Preplan your marketing by targeting companies before their insurance expires, then parcel out the leads by territory (city or state, county or zip code), all managed within seconds by FleetSeek's search, select and sort engine.

As an insurance provider, you don't want to wait for start-up trucking businesses to inquire about the coverage you offer, and definitely do not wait to hear about new sales opportunities through word of mouth. With FleetSeek, up-to-date and accurate industry data, such as contact information and demographics, are at your fingertips at all times. When new trucking fleets emerge, you will know about them as soon as possible by regularly referring to the FleetSeek databases.

The Owner Operator Database is an invaluable listing, featuring well over 50,000 qualified truck operators. Approach them with cargo and BI/PD, and walk away with health and life insurance as well. You can economize by purchasing a regional version of this database. As you can visualize, FleetSeek serves several purposes for companies that offer trucking insurance. The end result of using this database is improved targeted marketing, which means lower costs and higher profits.

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