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Find Truckload Carriers

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Truckload Carriers

Truckload carriers differ from LTL carriers in that they specialize in handling loads that can fill an entire trailer or require transport after a single load is placed on-board. It is simpler and definitely more efficient for a carrier to move a full trailer that contains only one customers' goods as opposed to combining several different jobs into one trailer. When an entire truckload is to be shipped to one location, there is no need for truck drivers to stop at hubs to consolidate shipments for efficient highway travel.

Specialized Truckload Carriers


Because so many industries rely on trucks for the transport of commodities, many specialized truckload carriers exist. Certain freight carriers are called to move bulk chemicals, while other trucking companies specialize in transporting refrigerated liquids or solids. The reason not all trucking businesses can be all things to all industries is that different jobs require specific types of equipment and insurance. The company that carries printed matter, for example, may not own refrigerated trucks, and probably does not need the necessary insurance and training to move hazardous chemicals.

A supplier that sells equipment to truckload carriers may not have goods that are appropriate for all trucking companies. A freight carrier that transports motor vehicles, for example, uses an entirely different type of truck and trailer than a company that moves newspapers. Other unique truckload carriers include armored vehicles, those that transport heavy machinery, and mine ores. Each of these segments of the trucking industry have distinct needs.

Here at FleetSeek, we provide an extensive directory of North American truckload carriers, and organize them into dozens of classifications. Suppliers that subscribe to one or more FleetSeek products have the ability to use the contact, demographic, and industry specific information we gather for their targeted marketing efforts. Using FleetSeek, you can download mailing lists customized to include only your target audience. All in all, FleetSeek is an invaluable research tool for industry analysts and marketing specialists alike.

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