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Spotlight on an American Trucker: J&M Transport

Nov. 8, 2016
Jeff and Michele Beagle, owners. Dewitt MI

J&M Transport is a small business, started just over a year ago by the husband and wife team of Jeff and Michele Beagle. They have one truck (an International 9900ix), one trailer (a Great Dane reefer) and one driver (Jeff)—but they plan to expand. Michele is the office staff and dispatcher. J&M Transport primarily hauls produce and products requiring refrigeration or a level of temperature control, with both regularly scheduled routes and on-demand.

Q: How are maintenance and repairs handled?  Do you stock any parts for your trucks or purchase as needed?  
A: We try and do all maintenance in our shop. Currently major repairs are jobbed out as we’re still building our shop inventory. We stock tires, and oil and air filters; other parts are purchased as needed. We schedule all maintenance to be done while the truck is at home in Dewitt or when the truck isn’t scheduled for a pickup or delivery. There are times we have to do it on the road, but we do our best to do it ourselves.

Q: What are some challenges you face with your maintenance program?
A: The only real challenge we come across is timing. The truck needs to be available to do the necessary maintenance.

Q: How do you minimize downtime?
A: We schedule our maintenance according to International brand standards. If it’s due and we’re on the road, we get it done at a shop on the road.

Q: How do you determine when it’s time to replace a truck/trailer?  
A: We haven’t run into replacing trucks or trailers; but again, common sense is used, and this is expected.

Q: What do you do to ensure CSA compliance for your trucks/trailers?  
A: We do our pre- and post-trip inspections to ensure the truck and trailer are in the best possible shape and condition. This is our insurance: We are in full compliance and safe—after all, we are ultimately accountable.   

Q: How do you ensure you achieve good tire mileage?  
A: We are constantly inspecting our tires, pre- and post-trip and at stop intervals during the day.

Q: Did you purchase the truck used and customize to your specs?  
A: Our truck was purchased used after many months of searching. We customized the interior and did minor repairs to suit our needs.

Q: What do you enjoy most about what you do?  
A: Meeting new people, seeing new places around the U.S., whether it be in a truck stop, or at a shipper or receiver.

Q: What does your company do best?
A: We strive to be on time, respectful, professional and courteous. This company is built on our name and we want to keep on trucking.   
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