Trucker 5788 Spotlight Oct2017

Spotlight on an American Trucker: October 2017

Oct. 20, 2017
Spotlight on an American Trucker: October 2017

Cindy and Ed Kaps, owner-operators, Rocking Double K, leased to United Van Lines/Corrigan Moving Systems

“We have been trucking for over 30 years and have been owner-operators since 1999,” said Ed. “We own a 2001 Freightliner Classic with an 84-in. sleeper. We pull a Corrigan Moving Systems/United Van Lines trailer hauling trade show booths to convention centers and store fixtures.”

Q: Do you have scheduled routes or on-demand pickup and delivery?
A: On demand.

Q: How are maintenance/minor repairs handled?
A: We do the ‘simple maintenance,’ such as lights. Services are done at truck stops. Our mechanic does most of the repairs, but we just had to have a new engine put in. It was done at Cummins.

Q: How are major repairs handled?
A: Engine dealer for engine mostly. It is still under warranty right now. For anything else, we go to our independent mechanic.

Q: What do you do in regard to maintenance and repairs to minimize downtime?
A: We always take the truck in to our mechanic so he can look it over. We have used him for years, so he knows the truck. We have always serviced when they have said to do so.

Q: What are three challenges with your maintenance/repair program?
A: Getting back to our mechanic is one. We try to have him look the truck over every time we are in. Services—sometimes you have to wait. And our truck has a funky fuel filter on it, so sometimes they don’t have it. We carry extras with us, like tires. We get them through the company we are leased to.

Q: What are your mileage/time intervals on preventive maintenance?
A: Time varies. But every 15,000 miles is an oil change.

Q: How do you ensure good mileage from tires? Which brand of tires do you prefer? Do you use retreads?
A: [We prefer] Michelin tires. We don’t use retreads. I think they are dangerous. We check the pressure on the tires regularly and look them over every time we get out of the truck.

Q: How do you determine when it’s time to replace a truck or trailer?
A: We like this truck and don’t want a new one. We will keep this one until it’s done. We are close to retirement, so with regular maintenance, we hope it will last.

Q: Do you stock any parts for your truck? Which ones?
A: We carry extra clamps, oil, antifreeze, belts and alternator.

Q: What are your specifications for your truck?
A: We spec’d our first truck. This one we bought straight off the lot.

Q: What do you have in place to ensure CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability) for your truck and or trailer?
A: Our permits are up to date, and logbooks are always compliant. Our truck is inspected every four months by a DOT-qualified mechanic.

Q: What do you enjoy most about trucking and hauling the type of freight you do?
A: I still like the scenery of the USA. You never know what you might see around the next corner. It’s still a challenge at times. And we continually meet new people.

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