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ONE20 touts fuel program savings

April 2, 2018
Latest offering launches in second quarter this year.

In the second quarter this year, ONE20 plans to add a fuel savings program for the truck drivers that “sign on” with the firm’s “free membership” offering – a fuel program that the company said aims to offer fuel price discounts of up to 55 cents per gallon.

The ONE20 Fuel Program, which will be offered as one of several “membership benefits,” involvees 2,000 participating retailers nationwide and is designed to allow independent truck drivers and smaller fleets to take advantage of a fuel card program that will offer an average discount of 20 cents per gallon at in-network retailers for diesel purchases.

ONE20 added that its Fuel Card will come with no fee, no account management fee, lower in-network fees and higher in-network discounts.

“Fuel costs are a major pain point for drivers, particularly independent owner/operators with razor-thin profit margins,” said Christian Schenk, CEO of ONE20, in a statement. “Like all of our membership benefits, the ONE20 Fuel Program is designed to be the easiest and most rewarding fuel program in the business, helping to fulfill our mission of giving drivers what they want and need to be successful in business.”

Other offerings provided by ONE20 through its “membership community” for truck drivers include:

  • Roadside service: ONE20 Roadside, powered by Roadside MASTERS, is offered via the download of the ONE20 MAPS app or the use of the ONE20 F-ELD. MAPS users get up to a 10-mile free tow, while F-ELD users can take advantage of a free tow up to 25 miles, among other benefits. As long as drivers actively use ONE20 products, there is unlimited use. 
  • Engine Warranty: ONE20 and National Truck Protection (NTP) are now offering qualified drivers a free truck engine warranty, with no inspection required. Drivers can log on to com/benefits/warranty to see if they qualify for a free engine warranty. Other drivers can get a discounted aftermarket engine warranty via NTP through its partnership with ONE20, a rare opportunity to purchase an aftermarket engine warranty.
  • Wireless Program: ONE20 is launching an e-commerce solution this month to help drivers with their wireless needs; to provide what the company described as “white-glove customer service” to drivers while they’re on the road. With ONE20 Wireless, drivers will be able to update their wireless data plans for multiple carriers, upgrade their phones and get technical support. In addition to wireless and data plans, drivers will have access to discounted accessories and bundles for items such as headsets, mounts, charging devices and more. 
  • Health and Wellness Programs: Through ONE20 Strong, members can take advantage of free fitness and meal planning programs designed specifically for drivers on the road. In addition, members can purchase various insurance offerings (health, dental, vision, accidental/occupational) through the ONE20 Health Insurance Marketplace
  • Discounted Tires: Drivers can save up to 40% off retail prices through ONE20 Tire. The program leverages relationships with warehouses across the country and has a list of preferred installers. Ordering can be done online and tires ship to anywhere in the country in four days or less.  
  • Free Load Board: The ONE20 load board is free to members and allows drivers to search by preferred pickup city, drop off city, deadhead distances and timelines.
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