Trucker 734 Minimizer Ultra Leather Seat

Minimizer offers Long Haul Series truck seats

July 6, 2016
Minimizer, which manufactures Poly Fenders, Custom Molded Floor Mats and Fast Flaps, is adding to its product line with its Heavy Duty (HD) Truck Seats.

Minimizer, which manufactures Poly Fenders, Custom Molded Floor Mats and Fast Flaps, is adding to its product line with its Heavy Duty (HD) Truck Seats.

“And trust us. These aren’t your father’s seats,” the company said.

“This isn’t our core area, so we partnered with a global leader - Isringhausen – to produce a truck seat drivers will love,” Minimizer CEO Craig Kruckeberg said. “Nobody manufactures better truck seats than ISRI, and these stand up to the Minimizer Tested & Tortured reputation.”

“ISRI’s manufacturing prowess combined with Minimizer’s powerful brand creates a HD truck seat completely unique to the aftermarket,” ISRI USA General Manager Gary Slater said. “This is a standard that no other aftermarket seat can match.”

Minimizer Ultra Leather seat

The Minimizer Long Haul Series consists of six different seats, all of which are equipped with 14 standard features, including several unique to the HD trucking industry.

“The seats spent years in development, partially due to the fact we were very specific with the features. We wanted our seats to stand out from the rest,” Kruckeberg said.

Included in the 14 standard features are upper and lower lumbar support; a 135-degree swivel base that allows the driver to spin the seat inboard if they want access to the cab; both air height adjustment with memory as well as a physical shock absorber; and numerous adjustments built into the seat to ensure ultimate comfort for each body type, whether a driver is six-four, 280 pounds or five-five, 110 pounds.

 “One of the keys in proper ergonomic design is adjustability,” Doctor of Chiropractic and tenured professor at Northwestern Health Sciences University Joseph Sweere said. “It’s such a critical component, which is one of the reasons I have great admiration for the work that’s been done in the design of the Minimizer truck seat.”

Sweere has spent much of his 55-year career focusing on occupational health.

“With its many unique features, I think the Minimizer truck seat is the best I’ve seen on the market today,” Sweere said.

In addition to the 14 standard features, drivers have the option of choosing a heated backrest and seat cushion, along with either a cooled backrest and seat cushion or a revitalizing massager.

“The Revitalizer is awesome. We’ve already had several drivers say they love it,” Kruckeberg said. “You turn it on when you’re 20 minutes from your destination to promote blood flow. It improves your circulation so that when you get out of the cab, you’re not stiff and sore. It creates fewer work compensation injuries.”

Minimizer also subjected its seats to rigorous testing, allowing them to be issued with the company’s standard Lifetime Warranty.

To see the seats being tested and tortured, as well as learn more about the Long Haul Series, visit

To find a Minimizer distributor near you, call 800-248-3855 or visit

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