Additive designed to boost diesel performance

A new diesel fuel additive is said to boost the performance of diesel engines, said make MidContinental Chemical Co. (MCC).

The XLP diesel additive is specifically engineered to meet the higher fuel detergency needs of today’s high pressure common rail direct injected engines and the recommendation of the Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association, the company said. 

XLP Diesel Fuel Performance Booster is available only from authorized distributors of XLP Fuel Additives.

“Tier 3 and Tier 4 diesel engines with high pressure common tail (HPCR) diesel fuel injectors have raised the bar in regard to the need for fuel injector cleanliness. XLP is up to the challenge of both conventional diesel injector nozzle tip deposits and internal diesel injector deposits (IDID),” said Everett Osgood, market manager of fuel additives.

XLP Diesel Fuel Performance Booster is available in quart, gallon, drum and tote containers.

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