Ed Hoffman president of Blossman Services Inc seen showcasing at the ACT Expo the diesel displacement autogas system for the Volvo D13MACK MP8 engine

Ed Hoffman, president of Blossman Services Inc., seen showcasing at the ACT Expo the diesel displacement autogas system for the Volvo D13/MACK MP8 engine.

Alliance AutoGas unveils Volvo D13/MACK MP8 diesel displacement system

Alliance AutoGas, an international network providing a propane autogas solution to medium and heavy-duty fleets, unveiled a diesel displacement system for the Volvo D13/MACK MP8.

Achieving a first-ever EPA compliance, according to the company, the system completed testing for the first on-road U.S. Diesel/LPG mixed fuel EPA certification. EPA certification was awarded on the Detroit Diesel 14.0L with the Volvo D13/MackMP8 expected soon, the company said.

“The OEM quality and engineered diesel displacement system features a quick and simple one day install, is backed by a one-year, 100,000 mile warranty and nationwide parts and service, maximizing uptime,” the company said. “The Bi-Fuel autogas system allows operation wherever a fleet needs to be, eliminating range anxiety and multiple tank options to meet range requirements and cab configurations. New conversions come with ultra-low emissions refueling nozzle, the safest and most efficient on the market.”

“This allows the company to gain a competitive advantage by being able to earn business based on sustainability initiatives,” company president Stuart Weidie said. “Our Diesel Displacement System builds brand awareness through progressive action.” 

According to the company, the system allows fleet owners to experience significant fuel cost savings of 15% or more without having to buy a new vehicle. The company added: “Propane autogas reduces operating expenses, improves EBIDTA, increases shareholder value and offers more benefits than traditional natural gas”

The Volvo D13/MACK MP8 VNL sleeper featuring the diesel displacement system was showcased at the recent ACT Expo in Dallas.

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