Assembly center for bi-fuel natural-gas systems opens

Westport Innovations has opened the Westport Kentucky Integration Center (WKIC) in Louisville, KY. The center will install the Westport WiNG power system on Ford Super Duty trucks.

“Louisville was a natural choice for the location of our newest Westport facility,” said Douglas Mann, director of manufacturing, Westport LD. “Westport has had a warm welcome from the state and the community, and we’re very pleased to be supporting economic growth and establishing new jobs and technologies in the region.”

The WiNG bi-fuel system leaves intact the Ford vehicle warranty and is built to OEM standards, Westport said. The Kentucky facility is located across the street from the Ford Kentucky Truck Plant. The finished product is delivered as a ship-through OEM truck.

“Westport is a global leader in fuel technologies, and we’re proud to have a company of its caliber here in the Commonwealth,” said Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear. “The automotive industry is thriving here in the Bluegrass, and the addition of Westport only strengthens that ever-growing industry.”

Westport is receiving up to $750,000 in tax incentives through the Kentucky Business Investment program.

“It is important that our companies are flexible and innovative in order to be competitive on a global level, and Westport LD has done just that with working with Ford to fit their vehicles with their natural gas fuel systems,” said Ted Smith, director of the city’s Dept. of Economic Growth and Innovation. “Congratulations on your jobs and investment in Louisville, and we look forward to working together in the future.”

Westport renovated a vacant building for the integration center and has hired 40 employees for the facility.

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