Canada to adopt U.S. heavy vehicle emissions regs

Canadian Environment Minister Peter Kent announced last week that Canada will fully align with the U.S. regulations for new on-road heavy-duty vehicle and engine greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for 2014 and later model years, drawing support from the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Assn.

This aligned approach is the most effective way to reduce heavy-duty vehicle GHG emissions by clearly recognizing that the heavy-duty vehicle and engine industry is integrated on a North American basis, according to Mark Nantais, president of the CVMA. These aligned regulations would include all of the same emissions standards and test procedures as in the U.S. and would be regulated under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act.

The approach is similar to that recently undertaken for the passenger automobile and light truck greenhouse gas regulation and provides for a common North American approach. Vehicle manufacturers are pleased that this will result in one national heavy-duty vehicle and engine GHG standard for Canada and the United States, Nantais said.

“This move to align heavy-duty vehicle and engine GHG emissions regulations with those of the U.S. allows for easier access to the latest advanced fuel efficient vehicle technologies, including alternate fuels such as liquefied natural gas,” Nantais said.

 “The economies of scale from this single market will provide cost effectiveness for the consumer and lead to more rapid fleet turnover with greater benefits to the environment.”

The Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Assn.’s membership includes Chrysler Canada Inc.; Ford Motor Co. of Canada, Limited; General Motors of Canada Limited; and Navistar Canada, Inc. Collectively its members account for 70% of vehicles produced in Canada.

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