Fuel additive designed to clean injectors, extend filter life

A new fuel additive from Advanced Fuel Solutions (AFS) is said to eliminate deposits in the injector, optimize injector performance, extend filter life and maintain fuel economy.

The Optimum Performance Technology (O.P.T.) diesel additive can handle the heat generated by modern high pressure common rail engines and high pressure fuel injector technologies. Both have the tendency to be subjected to “waxy” deposits that result in injector failure and filter plugging, AFS said.

“AFS is always looking forward, so we saw the need for a product like O.P.T. to maximize the performance of diesel fuel systems as they evolve,” said Paul Nazzaro Sr., president & founder. “O.P.T. improves horsepower, reduces emissions and restores fuel economy, which substantially contributes to the fleet’s operational bottom line.”

O.P.T. is made with a next generation detergent, dual stabilizers, corrosion inhibitors and moisture dispersants that work together to protect and perform in the tank, fuel lines, filters and injectors, the company said.

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