Penray and Allied Oil partner

Penray and Allied Oil & Tire Company have linked up to offer what they call a “one-stop shop” full range of testing, treatment, maintenance, and remediation services for diesel fuel storage tanks.

“The switch to Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) and the associated fuel blends have brought a host of problems to fuel users and distributors,” the companies said. “These include instability (black fuel/asphaltenes), filter plugging, equipment corrosion and cold weather operability problems. Add in contaminants such as water, dust/dirt particles and bacteria or other microbes, and you are guaranteed a high incidence of costly repairs and unscheduled downtime.”

Penray and Allied said they have joined forces to provide extensive testing and treatment services to companies and organizations that store large quantities of diesel fuel. This new program has been designed to test and treat conventional diesel fuels as well as bio-fuels and Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuels.

In this new partnership, Penray's Fuel Doctors will provide regular testing of the diesel fuel in storage tanks. This testing can reveal the presence of contaminants such as water, rust, dirt, or bacteria. Penray's Fuel Doctors can recommend treatment with various Penray products that target and treat specific problems. When water or other contaminants are found, Penray's Fuel Doctors will recommend the intervention of specialists from Allied, who will provide services such as "fuel polishing," which separates out any water and passes the fuel through very fine media filters to remove microscopic particles.

Mark Kardon, director of marketing for Penray, said: "This exciting new collaborative effort between Penray and Allied will provide a turn-key solution for those organizations storing diesel fuel. As we have done for many years, we provide regular programs of testing and analyzing diesel fuel supplies and recommending corrective treatment to maintain the quality of these fuel supplies. Now that we have teamed up with Allied, we are able to add even more value for our customers by being able to be a one stop shop with our highly-qualified and reliable service partner Allied when more intensive corrective actions are required."

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