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Special Report: Fuel Economy Phase 2

Special Report: Fuel Economy Phase 2

The joint announcement by EPA and NHTSA last year of proposed new greenhouse gas emissions regulations (GHG Phase 2) for heavy-duty trucks has brought about plenty of conjecture within the industry about what the rule will say when it’s finalized this summer and how truck makers and fleets will comply.

These goals are expected to include an approximately 24% fuel efficiency gain for tractors, 8% to 12% for trailers, and 4% for engines.

This special report from the editorial staff of Fleet Owner details what will likely be in the final rule, how truck makers might be able to achieve those results, and what impact this will have on fleets.

For those who are looking for additional information, Fleet Owner offers a wealth of resources on the web at, including news, analysis, whitepapers, and webinars on the subject.

Click any of the links below to be taken to the specific stories included in this special report:

GHG Rule: Explaining Phase 2

OEM Perspective: Getting there

Fleet Perspective: Finding the right mix


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