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Volume rebate for renewable fuels

Propel Fuels announced a volume rebate program for renewable fuels called the VRP or Volume Rebate Program in partnership with Wright Express

A volume rebate for renewable fuels was announced this week by Propel Fuels. The new Volume Rebate Program (VRP), provided in partnership with Wright Express, offers fleets that enroll a tiered rebate for monthly purchases of 500 gallons or more.

According to the company, CleanDrive Fleet Card users who participate in the VRP will receive a rebate each month that they qualify based on volume purchases.

The program offers a rebate of five cents per gallon for monthly purchases of 1,000 gallons or more and three cents per gallon for monthly purchases of 500 to 999 gallons.

The rebate will be automatically calculated by Wright Express and applied to customers’ billing statements at the end of each monthly billing cycle. Enrolled fleets are not committed to purchasing a minimum amount of fuel from Propel and purchases of both biodiesel and Flex Fuel will be applied to monthly volumes.

“Our rebate program provides fleets with all the benefits of using renewable fuels, without sacrificing perks they may have only seen from petroleum-based fuel retailers in the past,” said Matt Horton, CEO of Propel. “Many other fuel rebate programs have such high monthly volume requirements that small to mid-sized fleets can’t take advantage of the savings. We designed this program to benefit a wide range of fleet sizes, reward our current consumers, and incentivize new fleets to help free us from foreign oil by choosing renewable fuels.”

Propel also offers fleets their free, proprietary CleanDrive system, an integrated carbon emission reduction tracking platform designed to track and display the carbon emission reductions from the use of renewable fuels purchased at Propel stations. CleanDrive graphically displays the positive impacts of renewable fuel use including: reductions in CO2, barrels of oil displaced and reductions in foreign oil consumed.

“We believe in choice and believe the future of fuel in the U.S. will be very diverse,” Horton told Fleet Owner.. “We must diversify. At Propel, we are really focused on building out the alternative fuel market today.

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