Direct Fuels launches biodiesel production

Direct Fuels has opened a biodiesel production facility at its Euless, TX refinery

Direct Fuels has opened a biodiesel production facility at its Euless, TX refinery, which follows the company’s opening of an 11-acre ethanol distribution complex in Euless this January.

“The opening of our biodiesel facility is very timely, as petroleum-based diesel prices soar to record highs,” said Warren Bonham, president of Direct Fuels. “The plant is centrally located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, and offers diesel retailers and distributors easy and convenient access to both alternative fuels, as well as petroleum fuels. With our fully operational biodiesel and ethanol operations, combined with our existing transmix operations, we expect more than 40% of our 2008 revenue to be generated from renewable and recycled fuel.”

The company said it would initially use a blend of animal fats to produce the biodiesel, but will adjust its production technology according to market conditions. It also said customers will be able to request any blend from pure biodiesel (B100) to a 5% blend (B5).

Direct Fuels, which said it has the capacity to produce over 10 million gallons of biodiesel a year, has constructed an in-house laboratory to ensure all biodiesel produced meets appropriate product specifications. The company also said it is working towards obtaining BQ-9000 accreditation from the National Biodiesel Accreditation Program.

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