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Breaking down the 2019 Silverado: All about the bed and the chrome

A major design focus of Chevrolet's new Silverado is the pickup's bed, which the automaker contended is "the most functional" available in a full-size truck. And while the company also said all Silverados will be work-capable, a variety of trim levels will let buyers tweak the pickup to their particular preference.

The 2019 Silverado's bed will first of all offer more cargo volume, regardless of length. An optional power up/down tailgate sets the truck apart from competitors, Chevy noted — that can be operated by pressing a button on the key fob or inside the cab, or manually at the tailgate.

The bed floor is also higher-grade steel that's nearly 50% stronger. There are now 12 fixed tie-downs in the bed rated at 500 lbs. of force before bending, which is twice the former model's rating. Another nine movable tie points are included for added flexibility.

The max width of the bed floor was increased by nearly 7 in., Chevrolet noted, and the OEM will offer official accessory storage bins that fit over the wheel wells. Those will provide almost 7 cu. ft. of lockable storage space in the bed while still "easily" allowing a 4'x8' sheet of plywood to be slid in.

Overall, the 2019 Silverado is up to 1.6 in. longer overall than the prior model, with up to a 3.9-in. longer wheelbase. That delivers more cargo volume and interior room, although the pickup is also about 450 lbs. lighter than before.

In terms of appearance, the Silverado promises plenty of customizability — including accommodating buyers' preferences on chrome, which Chevy called a "key differentiator."

"Chrome has become more polarizing, and more personal, than any other aspect of truck design," emphasized Rich Scheer, director of exterior design at Chevrolet Trucks. "Some customers want no chrome at all and body-color or blacked-out trim; others feel a truck isn't a truck without a chrome bumper, but feel extra chrome can be too flashy.

"Others want as much chrome as they can get," Scheer continued.

Click through the slideshow for more detail and views of the 2019 Silverado.


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