DEVOLRO to offer 'brutal, elegant' F-150 off-road tuning package

Custom off-road specialty equipment maker DEVOLRO will offer a new custom-tuning package for the Ford F-150 that will be available in April 2018.

It all starts with looks, DEVOLRO said of its F-150 offering, and includes more extreme options extending to the likes of ballistic armor. The company said it designs its tuning packages for "a unique muscular look while at the same time having a brutal, manly, and elegant personality."

DEVOLRO's Ford F-150 package will include features such as: 

• DEVOLRO 7-in. custom suspension lift kit

• Custom DEVOLRO steel front and rear bumpers

• "Water package" with air intake snorkel

• "Soundproof" and heat-protection package

• DEVOLRO wheels and off-road tires

• Line-X polymer coating for the entire truck body

• Skid plate underbody protection

• Custom heavy-duty bed topper

• LED light bar

Additional options will include a B6 armor package (protection up to high-powered rifle), heated bed floor, auxiliary fuel tank "and much more," the company said.

DEVOLRO claimed its competitive advantage is "the balance between all major upgrades and components of the truck." For instance, when a set of heavy-duty bumpers, winches, and heavy-duty steel step bars are installed with a total gross weight increase of 850 lbs., DEVOLRO factors in that extra weight when designing a custom suspension. 

"As the best-selling vehicle in the United States since 1981 as well as in Canada, the Ford F-Series was an obvious next step for us," said Eduard Orlov, president of DEVOLRO. The company made its mark initially by modifying Toyota Tundra pickups. Orlov added that DEVOLRO is also going to work on tuning packages for the Chevrolet Silverado/ GMC Sierra, Ram 1500, Toyota Sequoia and more. 

Here's video of DEVOLRO's work on its "Shelby by DEVOLRO" F-150 project:



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