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Dose of Cummins, Titan juices up Nissan's NV work van

Looking all business and often paling compared to their pickup siblings, work vans don't get much fanfare, and they're probably not first to mind when we're talking extreme off-road capability. But with a shot of 5.0L Cummins diesel power and some heavy duty hardware upgrades, that's just what Nissan has achieved with its NV Cargo X project van.

"Arguably the most extreme version of Nissan Commercial Vehicles' flagship NV Cargo van ever created," the company boasts, the NV Cargo X folds in expertise from off-road vehicle builder Ian Johnson of the TV series Xtreme Off Road. The hopped-up van was featured in the episode "Blazing Arizona," where the crew does some rock-climbing with the van in that state's Tonto National Park. Johnson will join in the vehicle's official debut Feb. 11 at the Chicago Auto Show.

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