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EchoMaster lane change blind spot systems for Ford F-150 pickups Photos: EchoMaster
EchoMaster's integrated lane-change/ blind-spot assistance systems use cameras mounted on the side-view mirrors.

EchoMaster offers lane-change, blind-spot tech for Ford F-150

Vehicle camera and monitoring systems provider Echomaster unveiled an integrated blind spot and lane change assistance system for Ford F-150 pickups. Two available versions are designed to work either with the OEM radio/ media center or aftermarket monitors.

Specifically, the Echomaster systems fit 2015-2017 F-150s with factory reverse cameras. Model FCTP-FD1501 works with the Ford 4.2-in. radio display, while model FCTP-FD1504 works with any aftermarket monitor with an RCA video input, according to EchoMaster.

Both the add-on systems use EchoMaster's side blind spot and lane change assist system. Using the vehicle's turn signals triggers a view displayed from cameras mounted on the truck's side-view mirrors.

The systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with the trucks and "provide extra functionality without added complication," the company noted.

EchoMaster pointed out that blind spots are a leading cause of preventable auto accidents in the U.S., with an estimated 840,000 accidents caused by blind spot-related issues annually. These two assistance systems for F-150 trucks are aimed at eliminating blind spots and helping drivers make safe lane changes.

Model FCTP-FD1501 includes everything needed for a plug-and-play installation including camera harnesses, adapters and an interface module, according to the company. Model FCTP-FD1504 includes camera harnesses, adapters and video switch for universal applications.


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