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A look back: 100 years of Chevy trucks

Next year marks the 100th anniversary of Chevrolet's first production truck, the 1918 One-Ton. It'd be a shame to let such a milestone go by uncelebrated, and of course, Chevy isn't.

Not only are there 2018 Centennial Edition Silverado and Colorado pickups heading to dealerships before the end of the year, the automaker has also launched a 100-day event showcasing customers' pickups and loyalty. 

Chevy also released a crop of photos, illustrations and vintage advertisements showcasing the generations of its pickup trucks as they evolved over the years. Check out our slideshow of them with some more info from the OEM.

Through the decades, it also seems Chevy became something of a broken record when it comes to its trucks, repeating a lot of the same things like "reliable," "strong," "work" and "dependable." The automaker addresses that is in the video below.

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