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Should the pickup truck be the official vehicle of the United States?

Think bald eagles and America's pastime, and now picture which vehicles would best exemplify the American spirit. Shell Lubricants has an answer for that: the company announced a formal petition Oct. 3 asking the federal government to name the pickup truck the official vehicle of the United States.

The petition, which can be viewed on, does have a long ways to go yet, since it needs 100,000 signatures. If it reaches that point, it will be submitted for review and either will move forward in the lineup with other petitions or will at least receive a response.

"The pickup truck has played an invaluable role in helping American men and women build our country from the ground up," said Dave Waterman, North American marketing manager for Shell Lubricants. "Like other noteworthy American icons such as the sport of baseball, the bald eagle and the Star-Spangled Banner, the pickup truck deserves this official title."

Well, what do you say?


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