2018 Nissan Titan XD Snow Plow Prep Package (Photo: Nissan)
Nissan's new snowplow prep package for the Titan XD ups the front axle gross weight rating to 4,900 lbs.

Snowplow prep package added for '18 Nissan Titan XD

Targeting both fleets and individual owners, Nissan added a new snowplow prep package for its 2018 Titan XD full-size pickup. The package includes high-capacity, heavier-duty front springs and allows customers to mount a range of plows from Boss, Fisher, Meyer, SnowEx and Western.

The snowplow package, which is available starting this fall, increases front axle gross weight rating by more than 13% from 4,325 lbs. to 4,900 lbs., according to Nissan. It allows fitment of snowplows up to 786 lbs. for certain models.

The option is available on all three Titan XD body configurations — Single Cab, King Cab and Crew Cab — spec'd with V8 gasoline engine on S and SV grade levels. The heavier-duty springs were also offered on 2017 Titan XD models as the "Heavy Duty GAWR Package," making vehicles equipped with that package also snow plow-capable.

"Following recent years with greater-than-average snowfall, experts are predicting a wild winter season again this year, meaning there should be plenty of opportunities for individual and fleet snow plow business operators," said Billy Hayes, division vice president of light commercial vehicles and trucks for Nissan North America.

The OEM says the Titan XD is "ideal" for commercial use such as snow plow duties, with its unique position in the segment right between traditional heavy-duty and light-duty pickups. It offers the towing and hauling capability of a larger heavy-duty truck but is more fuel-efficient and affordable.

The Titan XD is built with a frame and chassis designed to handle the demands of commercial use, including a fully boxed, full-length ladder frame with added stiffness and torsional rigidity versus Titan half-ton models.


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