Yves Provencher

Yves has been working in technology implementation in the trucking industry for 30 years. His teams have been involved in many breakthrough innovations over the years. Through his solid transportation and management experience, combined with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Yves is a builder. With the support of the Canadian trucking community, Yves created Performance Innovations Transport (PIT), a not-for-profit engineering firm that brings together over 50 fleets in Canada and in the USA. Fleets become PIT members and PIT becomes their engineering department.

PIT’s work plan is set by an advisory committee composed of all members. The work carried out by PIT provides fleet operators with undisputable results that eliminate the guess work when the time to implement new technology comes.  PIT is also the group that runs Energotest where green technologies are tested to measure their real impact on fleets and the environment.