EROAD integrates with McLeod Software

TMS provider to enable automated Hours of Service updates and location tracking using data from EROAD.

EROAD announced real-time truck location and driver’s Hours of Service (HOS) data from its ELD solution will be integrated with McLeod Software transportation management system’s LoadMaster Symphony Mobile Communications and Dispatch modules.

“To meet the upcoming ELD mandate requirements, working with a provider who has an easy-to-use and driver friendly ELD, and one who can synch with McLeod LoadMaster Dispatch, is essential for McLeod Software customers,” said Norm Ellis, president of EROAD North America. “This new integration will enable them to continue to use familiar software, and to take advantage of accurate and reliable EROAD data to meet compliance, operational and driver needs.”

EROAD’s ELD captures driver’s HOS data automatically, including time logged per status category and available drive and on-duty hours. Designed with the driver in mind, the vertically integrated application includes an intuitive, easy-to-use in-vehicle ELD that is FMCSA registered and third party verified.

“McLeod customers that are concerned about being compliant with the ELD mandate or about HOS compliance, that need to have more visibility into driver and truck availability when managing multiple loads or if a load is delayed, will benefit from the new EROAD-McLeod integration without having to switch between software tools,” Robert Brothers, manager of product development of McLeod Software said.

The truck location and HOS capability from EROAD will be available to license in the McLeod LoadMaster Version 17.2 release this fall.  Anticipated for the McLeod LoadMaster Version 18.1 release is integration with EROAD’s forms-based messaging.

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