C2Logix launched

WasteBid.com has relaunched with a new name and website, now called C2Logix

WasteBid.com has relaunched with a new name and website. The company, now called C2Logix, was initially focused on applying internet technologies to the waste industry, but has since expanded to become a systems integrator and logistics solutions provider for multiple industries, the company said.

"Over the years, the company gradually applied its core competencies in route optimization and other related information technology areas to industries outside waste management, and we feel that C2Logix better reflects that shift and our strategy for the future," said Bob Brickner, C2Logix president.

The new company announced that it has partnered with Magellan Ingenierie to market, distribute and implement Magellan’s TourSolver Route Optimization Software. According to C2Logix, TourSolver is a route planning and mapping software used by companies in numerous industries to take fleet and customer specifics into account when generating optimized routes.

C2Logix will also provide Magellan Ingenierie and its North American entity, The ExMiles, with geocoding, data setup, training, support and third-party software integration services, the company said.

The company also announced it has been chosen by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to provide route optimization technology for nationwide emergency response planning. C2Logix developed the CDC Stockpile Routing Web Portal for quick and efficient transport and distribution of critical supplies to federal, state and local planners in emergency situations.

The portal simulates routes during multiple scenarios to maximize response efficiency, C2Logix said. According to the company, the portal was implemented in under six weeks and involved two pilot projects in major US cities.

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