New driver-focused, automated workflow tools from EBE

Illinois-based EBE Technologies introduced the latest additions to its SHIPS enterprise business process management (BPM) software

Illinois-based EBE Technologies introduced the latest additions to its SHIPS enterprise business process management (BPM) software at the ATA Management Conference and Exhibition in Florida this week. The newest modules, Recruiting and Driver Management, include driver and non-driver recruiting, human resources management, driver performance, and safety and compliance. SHIPS users can chose to implement any or all modules, according to their needs.

The new EBE offerings, like other so-called middleware, are specifically designed to work between fleet management systems and hardware solutions, so the benefits are not just what they enable users to do, but what they free users from having to do. “We designed the SHIPS suite of driver applications to not only automate the repetitive and time-consuming tasks associated with recruiting, monitoring and maintaining qualified drivers, but to leverage data from the carriers’ dispatch, accounting and mobile communications systems so that carriers are able to streamline processes and manage information that is almost impossible to do manually,” said Larry Kerr, president and CEO of EBE.

This middleware magic is accomplished by EBE’s Process Manager and AutoFlow technology, which is designed to gather, monitor and analyze data, calculate results, trigger actions and provide reports, all in real time. “We invite people to just watch our workflows,” said Kerr.

The Driver Performance module, for example, is designed to allow companies to efficiently gather, measure and take action on the data (usually stored in disparate systems) that is required to evaluate and manage driver performance. It can provide a complete assessment of the driver—including identifying items such as missing paperwork, hours of service compliance, CDL expirations and all measured criteria monitored within the mobile communications system. The Process Manager then triggers events to communicate the driver’s performance to the appropriate people.

According to Kerr, EBE now has more than 300 customers and is growing quickly. “Our typical ROI is nine to twelve months,” he said. “We are looking for people who know they have process problems to fix. The key is to help them improve the flow and the standard of service.” The new driver-focused offerings compliment SHIPS other modules: Financial, Vehicle Maintenance, Less than Truckload, Safety and Compliance, Recruiting and Human Resources, and Brokerage and Logistics.

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