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ISX electronics adds performance and efficiency New Cummins 14-liter diesel will be offered in and fleet owner-operator ratingsThe Cummins ISX Series brings the company's Interact System advanced electronic controls to its largest on-highway diesel engines. Similar to the 14-liter Signature 600, the new ISX also features dual overhead cams and an integrated engine brake system, as well as a variable

ISX electronics adds performance and efficiency New Cummins 14-liter diesel will be offered in and fleet owner-operator ratings

The Cummins ISX Series brings the company's Interact System advanced electronic controls to its largest on-highway diesel engines. Similar to the 14-liter Signature 600, the new ISX also features dual overhead cams and an integrated engine brake system, as well as a variable output turbo that improves low-speed boost.

The first two ratings in the new series are the ISX 565 and ISX 600, which are aimed at the owner/operator market. Both models generate 1,850 lb.-ft. of peak torque, but can be spec'd with Smart Torque technology to limit torque in lower gears, allowing them to be used safely with lighter, lower-cost drivetrain components. Although not yet officially announced, 400- and 450-hp. versions more suitable for fleet applications are expected in the near future.

Cummins has already introduced the Interact System for its 5.9-liter, 8.3-liter, and 11-liter diesel engines. The system's advanced electronics can monitor and record operating data, provide diagnostic and prognostic information, and allow engine operating characteristics to be tailored to user requirements. It also provides J1708 and J1939 data links for connections to other onboard information systems and electronically controlled components.

The Tundra from Toyota gives the company its first full-size pickup to compete with the big pickups from Dodge, Ford, and GMC. The all-new 2000 model is being built for the U.S. market only at a new plant in Indiana. Equipped with an optional 4.7-liter V8, the Tundra has a payload capacity of over 2,000 lb. and towing capacity of 7,200 lb. It's being offered with a two-door regular cab and a four-door "Access" cab that can carry six people. The V8 comes with a 4-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission, while the standard 190-hp. V6 can be ordered with either the automatic or a 5-speed manual. The full-size Toyota has a 128-in. wheelbase and will be available with an 8-ft. bed.

To solve the problem of high or low voltage in LED lamps, Signal-Stat, a division of Federal-Mogul Corp., has introduced a voltage regulator in its DiodeLite LED signal lamps. The regulator manages the electrical loads delivered to the circuit board, allowing the lamp to illuminate at power levels as low as 3 VDC. Signal-Stat also debuted a turn signal switch that compensates for the multi-directional wheel movement that often accompanies righthand turns.

An engine preheater designed specifically for Class 3-7 vehicles powered by engines under 9L has been launched by Webasto Thermosystems. The TSL 17, which comes with a seven-day programmable timer, provides independent preheat that can eliminate cold starts and reduce operating, maintenance, and fuel costs

Freightliner 's American LaFrance has introduced the Metropolitan fire truck. Four cab models are offered, including two with raised roofs. With a floor-to-ceiling height of 57 in. (71 in. for raised-roof version), exterior width of 95.5 in., and inside width of 88 in., the cab seats as many as 10 crew members.

Today's more powerful engines may be helping put drivers behind the wheel. But they're putting added stress on drivetrain components as that power is conver ted to road speed. That's the word from Dana Spicer Driveshaft Div.

According to Bob Morgillo, warranty technical manager, there has been a growing trend on the part of fleets to spec high torque rise engines combined with direct-drive transmissions and low rear-axle ratio (less than 3.73) to increase efficiency.

These so-called fast axles require higher startup torque, which must pass through the driveshaft. Unless fleets beef up the spec on their driveshafts to handle the increased torque, Morgillo warns that they may experience premature driveline failure in the form of broken universal joints, brunneled universal joints, and decreased life of the driveline.

The first full-service dealers for the new line of Bering Class 3-8 trucks were introduced at the American Truck Dealers convention. Fifteen dealerships, from Ohio to Florida, will be adding Bering, according to president and CEO William R. Anderson Jr. This inaugural group is the first of a total of 60 eastern dealership slots.

Bolt-on longitudinal air tank designed specifically for Hendrickson's K-2 air-ride trailer slider increases overall brake performance and increases air reservoir capacity by 185 cu. In.

Power steering products from Plews/Edelmann, Stant are described in a 496-pg. catalog that includes information on hoses and repair kits plus more than 100 pages of illustrations.

Brake and wheel parts catalog has 220 new part numbers, bringing Euclid Industries' product line to over 5,000.

Maintenance manuals in Spanish are available from Meritor Automotive for its automatic slack adjusters (MM-4-SP) and Cam Master cam brakes (MM-4B-SP). To order, call 800-535-5560.

Neway Anchorlok has added two heavy-duty models to its line of trailer air-ride suspensions. Designed for low-profile trailers, the RLU-250 and RLU-250-FMT are rated at 25,000 lb.

With a two-pin bushing design, the RLU-250 is said to provide roll stability, as well as better tire life and vehicle tracking. It can be used for liftable axle applications.

The RLU-250-FMT is intended for double-drop trailers; cargo capacity and deck space are maximized when the unit is combined with the RLU-250.

Both suspensions use common air springs and shock absorbers; Neway's E-Z Align field axle realignment is standard.

In conjunction with Dana Spicer Trailer Products Div., Neway now also offers an integrated trailer air-ride suspension axle package.

Standard on the iPAC system are an RL-228 suspension, Anchorlok Gold Seal spring brakes, and a 71.5-in.-track Spicer axle that includes Spicer Silver foundation brakes and Spicer automatic slack adjusters. Options include a 77.5-in. track axle, Anchorlok's Life Seal spring brakes, and Carlisle MB21 foundation brakes.

The suspension and axle are attached via Neway's NEWeld axle connection. Since there's no weld on the axle tube inside the brake spiders, thinner wall axles and short camshafts can be used, which means less weight.

The iPAC is available in top-mount and underslung designs in 22,500- and 25,000-lb. ratings.

Chicago Rawhide has introduced a long-life version of its Scotseal wheel seal that is geared to withstand the tougher operating environment created by today's synthetic lubricants.

The Scotseal longlife is made from a hydrogenated nitrile material, which has higher temperature capabilities and is more compatible with the harsh additive packages found in synthetic lubes. Based on the one-piece, multi-lip design of the Scotseal, the new unit features an additional dirt lip. This four-lip design keeps out road grime even longer, providing extra defense against the environment

At a recent press conference at its Danville, Va., plant, Goodyear unveiled its new G397 LHS radial steer tire. Designed for linehaul service, the tire features a new casing supported by a "super tensile" steel belt package and a polyamide top belt, as well as a wear-resistant tread compound.

"From the ground up, we've applied a new philosophy of tire design to produce the G397 LHS," stated Mike Thomann, marketing director-commercial tires.

Thomann said the tire's monofilament polyamide top belt is a key to the tire's "toughness." In concert with the high-tensile steel belts, the top belt serves as a protective barrier against moisture, punctures, and tears. This reduces the need for "buzzout" repairs, thereby increasing the tire's retreadability.

In addition, the new axle-specific wear-resistant compound and a new tread pattern combine to enhance cornering and control. The tread surface of the new tire has lateral slots and sipes to improve traction as well as even tread wear. And the shoulder-rib design includes a pressure-distribution groove to reduce cupping wear.

The G397 LHS is built on Goodyear's premium fuel-efficient ECD casing. Other design features include a tear-resistant compound for the bead area and a new mold shape that equalizes contact pressure for more even wear. It's currently available in 295/75R22.5 and 11R22.5 sizes, and will come in 285/75R24.5 and 11R24.5 sizes later this spring.

Heading the list of refinements to Caterpillar's truck engine lineup is the introduction of the ADEM 2000 (Advanced Diesel Engine Management) electronic-control system. According to marketing manager David Semlow, ADEM 2000 will enable customers "to achieve better fuel economy and be able to manage driver and engine conditions better than ever before."

The key upgrade to the 15.8-liter 3406E (600-hp. with peak torque of 2,050 lb.-ft.) engine is the addition of ADEM 2000. Also available is a 575-hp. version that delivers 1,850 lb.-ft. of torque. Along with ADEM 2000, the 14-6-liter 3406E now features a wastegate turbocharger for all ratings.

The C-12 offers ratings from 335 to 430 hp. at governed speeds of 1,800 and 2,100 rpm and peak torques ranging from 1,350 to 1,650 lb.-ft.

The C-10 comes in ratings from 305 to 370 hp. at governed speeds of 1,800 and 2,100 rpm and with peak torques running from 1,050 to 1,350 lb.-ft.

The 3126B midrange diesel, in ratings from 175 to 330 hp., features a wastegate turbocharger.

Controlled-release coolant filter offered by Baldwin Filters contains coated pellets that, when exposed to heat and coolant flow, diffuse supplemental coolant additives (SCAs). The BW5200 filter is said to maintain proper chemical balance for one year or 150,000 miles.

Volvo Trucks North America is partnering with Ontario-based London Machinery to quickly deliver "work-ready" rear-discharge mixer trucks to fleets in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. The Mix Smart program is slated for national rollout by September.

The Spicer Heavy Axle and Brake Div. of Dana Corp. has expanded its Integral Arm steer axle family with a new model that is 2 in. wider and 5 lb. lighter than the Dana Spicer Integral Arm Model E-1200I.

The Wide Track Model E-1200W's kingpin spread of 71 in. provides an additional 5 deg. of wheel cut in the vehicle, for a maximum turn angle of up to 55 deg. Model E-1200W also includes a center drop beam for improved oil pan clearance.

Standard features of the Integral Arm steer axle family include a forged one-piece knuckle design for increased strength and component reliability. The standard beam stop is 3.5 in. Dana Spicer's LMS Hub System is available as an option. As part of the Roadranger System of products from Dana and Eaton Corp., they are backed by experienced and accessible drivetrain consultants.

The latest addition to Thermo King's Whisper Edition line increases deep-frozen capacity by about 20%, providing 30,000 Btu/hr. for temps as low as -20 degrees F.

Developed especially for longer, thinner-walled trailers, the Magnum unit features a compressor with 80% fewer moving parts than standard refrigeration compressors. The parts-reduction for the S391 is accomplished by using two precision-made helical rotors.

According to Thermo King, the Magnum Whisper Edition can pre-cool down to -20 degreees F twice as fast as traditional refrigeration systems, which means reefers can be back in operation more quickly.

Magnum Whisper Editions also feature Smart Set technology, which provides temperature balance for fresh cargo and reduced fuel consumption.

Kenworth Class 8 CityCab models can now be spec'd with Cummins ISM diesels. Engines range from the 310-hp. ISM-310E to the 370/410-hp. ISM-370ESP. The OEM has also released 10 new Easy Specs to accommodate Cummins power in the same CityCab configurations available with Cat C-10 and C-12 engines.

Conoco's Hydroclear Power-D motor oil has received formal approval for Mack Trucks Inc.'s latest lube spec, EO-M Plus, for heavy-duty diesel engines. The new spec tightens requirements for wear protection and soot handling beyond those required for API CH-4 classification.

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