PrePass goes to flat fee

The PrePass weigh-station bypass system operating at 234 locations around the country has moved to a flat monthly service charge to replace the 99-cent-per-pass fee it has had in effect since 1994.

Trucks with PrePass tags are able to clear weigh stations and other facilities without stopping.

The new monthly charge of $14.99 or less per truck is now available to all new customers and will be phased in for current users. According to PrePass, the new tiered system significantly discounts prices based in the number of vehicles enrolled.

According to Richard P. Landis, president & CEO of HELP Inc., the PrePass system provider, the flat fee was arrived at logically. “Most agree it costs $1 per minute to operate a truck,” he explained. “Each weigh station bypass saves a trucker five minutes. That translates into $5 — so three bypasses alone will pay the monthly service fee.”

Landis told FLEET OWNER that the flat fee structure makes PrePass “a budget item” that fleets can plan for, much like the way cellphone service is now billed.

He also said that development is under way for PrePass Plus, which will link the weigh-bypass system with 400 toll sites using the EZPass electronic-toll collection system.

For more details, go to or call 800-773-7277.

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